Sun Chips Compostable Bag

I see a lot of postings about how the Sun Chips compostable bag doesn't actually break down. This is my experience, too. A few months ago I planted a Sun Chips bag in my compost to see if it would disappear.

I had quite forgotten about it when I was rotating out the bottom portion of my compost. Then I came across it.

keeping the kids occupied

Kids often get antsy the moment you have to wait for something. For example, a 20 minute seating wait at a restaurant can be unbearable to a kid. So whenever I find myself in line for something, I end up trying to find ways of keeping the kids' attention focused on something else. Here are a few games you can play in line, which work pretty well:

  • ispy

Every kid knows this game. Find something in your environment and have them look for it. "I spy... a rose!" They will look all over for a rose. Then each will want a turn saying I spy.

Simple log rotation

Here's perhaps the simplest way to rotate logs. You'll have a max of 31 revisions and a rough idea of when they were created:

0 1 * * * mysqldump -u dbuser -pdbpasswd db | bzip2 >db.dmp-$(date +%d).bz2 - add info from to IRSSI

This script is an offshoot of the original weather script included with IRSSI, which no longer works. It used the Geo::Weather, which is no longer maintained. uses the well-written Weather::Com module. You must register an account with to use it. It requires a "partnerID" and "licenseID". Download here

Backing up a google mini

Add this to cron to backup your Google Mini:

0 1 * * * /path/to/

You can download this script here.

# automatically backup a Google Mini's config file

use WWW::Mechanize;
use IO::Socket::SSL;
use DateTime;

$dest = '/backups/miniconfigs'; # dir to save the backups
$base = 'https://mini.mars.planet:8443/'; # needs ending '/'
$username = ''; # usually admin
$passwd = '';


die "the directory $dest doesn't exist\n" if (!-d $dest);

$base = $base . '/' if ($base !~ /\/$/);

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